Hemingway’s Gammarus Backs

Hemingway’s Gammarus Backs


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Hemingway’s Gammarus Back is a unique material which is perfect for tying realistic Gammarus patterns. The Backs are pre-cut, pre-formed, flexible, waterproof, and UV resistant.

Small: 42 per packet

Medium: 36 per packet

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1 review for Hemingway’s Gammarus Backs

  1. Gavin (verified owner)

    Clever idea and great value for money. You can tie a lot of flies with this product

    Pity they don’t do similar cut outs for shapes such as beetle backs etc which you could attach to
    Foam to allow you to cut the foam to the correct shape. It’s always a pain trying to do this accurately .
    I use thin skin or shell back to cover the back and thorax of beetles, hawthorns ,bluebottles etc to give the shinny ‘plastic ‘ finish to the fly. I have already used the 1/2 the medium size Gammarus Backs to cover the back of foam beetles which I colour with a permanent marker.
    It would be great if they produced some similar small scale cut outs for these type of applications and flies.
    Best wishes Gavin

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