Our Silicone Dry Fly Floatant offers unparalleled buoyancy and performance on the water. Whether you’re casting delicate dries to selective trout or tackling swift currents for aggressive surface feeders, our floatant ensures your flies stay on top where they belong.

Why choose our Silicone Dry Fly Floatant?

    1. Superior Buoyancy: Our advanced silicone formula creates a micro-thin coating on your flies, providing exceptional buoyancy that keeps them riding high and visible, even in rough water conditions.

    2. Long-lasting Effectiveness: Our silicone formula adheres to your flies for extended periods, ensuring they stay afloat and visible throughout your fishing expedition.

    3. Easy Application: Effortless to apply evenly to your flies, ensuring thorough coverage without any mess or waste.

    4. Eco-Friendly: Formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients, our Silicone Dry Fly Floatant is safe for aquatic life and the waters you fish in, allowing you to enjoy your angling pursuits responsibly.