Frodin SSS Holo Braid

Frodin SSS Holo Braid


(5 customer reviews)

This is the second generation of Frodin’s fantastic braid. There are 15 holographic colours which with its unique, strong colour and reflection gives fantastic bodies and super strong glittery ribbings in all necessary colours.

It twists just as easy and holds it sparkling colour just as good as the regular SSS Braid. The holographic silver and gold braid is today tied in on tens of thousands of flies worldwide! The SSS Holo Braid comes in 15 colours


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5 reviews for Frodin SSS Holo Braid

  1. Neil. (verified owner)

    Great product and excellent service. Many thanks.

  2. Neil (verified owner)

    Great product and excellent service. Many thanks.

  3. johndawgmac (verified owner)

    Best braid on the market. Frodin’s materials are fantastic and well worth every penny.

  4. Stephen Johnson (verified owner)

    Brilliant materials to work with,l will be ordering more.

  5. Paul (verified owner)

    Mikael’s products are the best, every serious fly tyer needs good materials.

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