Frodin FITS Brass Turbo Cones

Frodin FITS Brass Turbo Cones


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The original turbo! This is the cone that was made to make the fly swim better than anytime before. The cone divides the water and creates turbulence that will make your fly move and look alive. With the turbos you can use the softest materials without them collapsing in the current.

The fly creates its own little turbulent stream where the materials can move even in the slowest or strongest current. If you believe in a moving, lively fly then this must be your first choice.

Remember the fly is all the fish is supposed to see!

The brass turbo cone comes in three sizes and eight standard colours.


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2 reviews for Frodin FITS Brass Turbo Cones

  1. Ranald Hutton (verified owner)


  2. Stephen Johnson (verified owner)

    Very pleased with service and products lve purchased

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