Rolla Silver Bullet Red Tail – Treble Hook

Rolla Silver Bullet Red Tail – Treble Hook


‘- Silver Bullet
– Red Tail
– Copper/Gold/Silver Blades
– Treble Hook

The lures are made of the finest high quality components, especially where it matters at the hook end, where only an Owner® hook will do.

The 16g Rolla Bullet fishes like a 20g lure due to the elongated blade and the 22g Rolla Bullet like a 26g lure; both cast very well and fly through the air with ease even on windy days. When your river is in flood and the water is coloured use the copper bladed lure if the river is running clear use the silver bladed lure if the river is returning to lower levels and is a tea colour use the gold bladed lure to catch those elusive Salmon and Seatrout.

Full range of sizes to suit all water heights and fish species
Lures use super strong and sharp Owner treble hooks
The Weighted Silver bodies are not hidden but form a vital part of the overall design
Lures come individually packaged on presentation card with hook protection

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