Many Pike anglers already know all about Wiggle Tails, which create a lot of action and move a lot of water resulting in some impressive catch rates. However, there are some days where the fish simply don’t respond to such aggressive patterns and results in spooked fish. On these days, Wiggle Wave Tails can be the perfect solution – because sometimes, less is more!


The Wave Tails can also be tied into other fishy patterns for Perch, Trout, and other species.


About Wiggle Wave Tails:


Wiggle Wave Tails are simply awesome! They consist of a very thin, but absolutely tear-resistant, very durable tarpaulin textile, which is plastic-coated with great colors and partly holographic elements. Of course, Wiggle Wave Tails add some air-catching-bulk to your patterns, but the catch results will speak for themselves. There are many different ways to effectively fish Wiggle Tails. You can fish the Wiggle Tails on a weighted fly for a jigging effect. However, most fish we land are with patterns that are not too heavy, and slowly and consistently stripped in. The desired depth is best determined by the sinking rate of the fly line. So hold the rod under your arm and strip with both hands very slowly! Not only does the Wiggle Wave Tail look very seductive, but it also moves a good amount of water, which often causes an attack by angry predators. Most of the bites come so brutally that they give you a long-lasting grin.


Tip: Tying Wiggle Wave Tails onto a Hook Snap makes it very easy to change out various colors of Wiggle Tails on different patterns – in just a matter of seconds!