Tubeworx Outer Plastic Tubes 3mm

Tubeworx Outer Plastic Tubes 3mm


Recently lauched Tubeworx offer a complete tube tying system at fits together without having to stretch tubing or modify any of the components.

Each tube is 200mm long and you get 10 tubes per packet.

Many great colours including Solid colours, Fluorescent colours, Luminescent colours and tubes with sparkle and glitter made in to them.

We must offer the largest choice of tubes for flytying in the UK.

The Outer tube fits perfectly over the inner tube.

The tubes have been made of a special plastic that will not crack or break when fished with and is suitable to use down to sub zero temperatures.

They also will stretch to accommodate putting hooks directly in to the tubing without the need for silicon tubing making a neater and better looking fly.

2 Meters of tubes per pack.



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