Nature’s Spirit Dry Fly Tailing

Nature’s Spirit Dry Fly Tailing


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These straight and long fibered spade hackles have been hand selected to possess just the right stiffness for straight or divided tails on no hackle dun, spinner and standard dry fly patterns

The tailing material is also preen oil processed after drying to bring the feather back to its natural state.

In order to dye feathers, fur, and hair, complete removal of all oil is paramount to achieve maximum penetration and permanence of colour.  The majority of dyed natural materials are devoid of their original natural oils and in most instances carry chemical odours that could possibly alarm fish who have highly sensitive scent glands. All of Nature’s Spirits products are proudly processed with pure, natural preen oil.  Natural preen oil processed materials possess resilience, sheen and a benign scent that can be translated into flies that are visually and functionally in a class of their own.

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