C&F Midge Hackle Pliers

C&F Midge Hackle Pliers


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The hackle pliers model CFT-120 Midge works perfectly for normal hackles as well for parachutes. The pliers have a pair of superb grips on the clip and, plenty of purchase area under the flared points too.

The flexible rubber neck between the clip and the finger-loop is absolutely new to me and although you think at first it will not last for long, you will change your mind quickly when using it. It’s very solid and seems very good quality rubber indeed. The elastic motion surely will help prevent the hackle quills from snapping while winding. It’s a brilliant little tool.


  • Plier head has a slight flare at the nose to minimize the risk of cutting materials
  • Shock-absorbing elastomer joint
  • Brass stabilizer/finger hole with optimized weight
  • Grip: elastomer rubber
  • Head: stainless steel

Out of stock

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1 review for C&F Midge Hackle Pliers

  1. rodger.hoad (verified owner)

    Brilliant product. Essential when tying very small flies,makes the job easy.

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