Frodin SSS Braid


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The SSS braids comes in a quality which makes it perfect for all forms of bodies and ribbings. It is not too thick to overlap or to be twisted. In my own fly tying I only use this one quality. If you need a ribbingthen use the same material but twine it into a round or oval form. The harder you twist the smaller flies it fits.

It is simple and effective and you can use the same quality for both body and ribbing. The material is placed on a smart gizmo that has a nice end cap that makes the material stay in place. The braids are 2mm wide and there are 7m in each pack. The SSS Braid comes in 15 colors.


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1 review for Frodin SSS Braid

  1. Andrew Sowerby (verified owner)

    good product, very versatile with good colouration

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