• Special Resin products can be used for many purposes - nymphs, larvaes, streamers and especially realistic flies. As always these products are 100% tack free. Did you know that Motor Oil colour is a must for Pike Fly Fishers.
  • Big Mama, Big Daddy and Grand Daddy are our predator strike proof resins powered by Vision. All 3 products contain strike proof resin material and mixture of glitters. Colour options are silver, gold and red. Create awesome flies and imitate fish skin. Resin viscosity is high.
  • This hot new varnish dries only under UV light and sunlight. Curing time is only a few seconds. Shape the fly as long as wanted, dry the fly when it is needed, you decide. The smell is very low. The finishing is crystal clear and tack free. Bottle includes a brush.
  • The GULFF HERO UV torch is a stylish, highly efficient and innovative solution for curing almost all UV adhesives in flytying. It is especially useful for a user that takes photos of the flies for social media. As a whole, Hero represents the very best in its field. Hero is equipped with a high quality 5W LED chip and has a wavelength of 365nm in line with other GULFF torches, which has been found to be optimal for UV adhesives. The torch has a special filter that pulls out all the fluorescent material from the target surface but does not illuminate the rest of the environment. This, for example, makes taking photos easier and takes on a completely new meaning - gorgeous fluorescent flies against a dark background. In addition, the blinding effect is minimal. Undoubtedly, Hero is a great product in terms of value for money when it comes to fulfilling even high ambitions for a UV torch. HERO UV Torch is equipped with: USB charging directly to the housing | 5W/365nm torch with filter | 18650 rechargeable battery | USB cable | 1-year warranty. The warranty covers the torch housing and the LED, not the battery or the cable
  • Ambulance Resins are the most wanted products in the Gulff range. Probably the coolest fly tying UV resin series ever made. These great resins are mentioned for strike points, glowing eyes, winter and salmon fishing hooks and attraction. Ambulance  resins glow under sunlight and in the dark. These features maximise your results.
  • Gulff's clear UV resins are quick-drying, crystal clear, non-sticky and durable. Our product range includes many different options for different applications.

    Gulff Classic (medium viscosity) is the best option for small fly body building and general nymph bonding. Recommend for larvae, pupas, nymphs, scuds and small detail bonding.

    Gulff Fatman (thick viscosity) is the best option for large fly bodies. It is also thick enough for shaping. Recommended for streamers, fly heads and large shrimps.

    Gulff Flexman (medium viscosity) is the best option if you need Classic medium viscosity resin features but a flexible and soft finishing. It is very strong, flexible and soft. Remember that predators have large and strong teeth. Thus, Flexman is not too soft. Flexman finishing meets the requirements for shrimps, streamers, fly heads and eggs easily. Please notice that the more flexible the resin is, the more time it needs for curing.

    Gulff Glowman glows as the name suggests. It is a so called ”glow-in-the-dark resin”. Glowman flies have to be “charged” before fishing. You hold it up to a bright light, and then take it to a dark place. In the dark, the fly will glow for 1-10 minutes depending on the “charging time” and the amount of resin. Due to the heavy amount of glowing powder, the resins are slightly greyish. Please notice that GULFF recommends to mix the resin before use.

    Gulff Thinman (low viscosity) is thin but not too thin viscosity for beautiful finishing. It does not cover or fill the fly detail, but highlights it.

  • You are the artist. These great colours are made for attraction. Fish can see colours - these use colours. Use these resins for streamers, nymphs, larvaes and any other purpose without limits. Design beautiful pink grayling flies and attractive chartreuse fly heads for streamers. Design glowing white flies for winter fishing and streamer bodies. There are many ways to use these 100% tack free products.
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    Includes: -UV Flashlight - Recharchable Battery - USB Charger Features:
    • Flat lens due to less loss of light
    • No zoom due to less loss of light
    • A high quality LED chip
    • 365 wavelength for most resins
    • Customised light control mirror
    • Rechargeable batteries
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    Minuteman is a clear super glue. It is specifically chosen for fly tying. It is an instant adhesive designed for the assembly of difficult to bond materials requiring uniform stress distribution and high tensile and or share strength. This high quality super glue dries extremely fast.