• This hot resin series is one of the coolest uv resin series ever made for fly tying. These products have high fluorescense and in the dark glowing effect. Use UV light for making the effect. Use UV light or normal flashlight to activate phosphorus.
  • Create small nymphs, larvaes, pupas and scuds. Build streamer bodies, heads or bigger shrimps. S A high quality clear finishin let you use other material under the resin. Gulff UV resins are always 100% tack-free.
  • NITRO products are fly fishing boosters made for fish attraction. These products are shining, glittering, glowing, imitating or changing color smartly depending on the product feature. Anyway fish will notice these boosters for sure. The quality is tack free as all GULFF resin products Nitro Baitfish Skin is a silver dyed and glittered streamer body builder which imitates small fish skin. Baitfish skin changes colors depending on the weather or time of day. For example shiny and glittering under sunlight and moonlight. But dark silver in the night time. Nitro Night Skin is a phosphorus streamer body builder which glows in the dark. It attracts predator fish and makes your flies visible in the night time. The glowing colour is light blue and without glowing effect the color is greyish.
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    Minuteman is a very strong super glue, specifically chosen for fly tying. Bonds a wide range of similar or dissimilar substrates. An instant adhesive designed for the assembly of difficult-to-bond materials requiring uniform stress distribution and high tensile and/or shear strength. Package includes a brush.
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    Create beautifull natural looking flies with Olive green for larvaes, brown for nymphs, red for worms, light pink for shrimps and black for ants, backs and heads. Think pink – create candies for graylings or make glowing green streamer heads and bodies.