Fly fishing tackle it seems, is a very personal thing, one man’s meat is another’s poison and all that.

We as individuals have different casting and fishing styles, what suits one angler will not suit another that’s on a similar rung of the fly fishing ladder. Fly rods are probably the best example of this personal touch we have with tackle.

These days there are all manner of rods with a whole host of ‘actions’ that have been made to keep up with the needs of modern fly fisher. We have soft, middle and tip action rods, all of which have their place with different individuals. They all feature varying tapers and these tapers – the thickness from one end of the rod to the other – determine how much of the rod flexes when stressed, during casting. Now, the larger amount of the rod that flexes the ‘slower’ the rod’s action is and vice versa. The tip-actioned rods that are so in vogue these days are pretty hard to cast, no matter what anyone says. These rods are suited to heavy lines and extreme distance casting, which is all every well if you know how to use them properly, sadly most of us don’t.

Now then…With the evolution in fly rods – nano particles, space age materials and techniques, specialist shapes or bonding processes being the norm and of course increased prices are they so much better?


OOOOH! Nano, isn’t it exciting, well, no, not really, we can confirm that it is very small though!


But putting the costs to the side, I have a feeling that anyone who buys these rods will be making a good decision. I say this as they would have a rod, which features the same action as the ones they like, the normal no strings attached carbon fibre ones, but in most cases it’ll be lighter, which is always a good thing, but – and here’s the clincher, stronger.

How many times have you pinged the tip of a good rod?

So, to the dilemma, I’m ‘hypothetically’ offering you a stunning looking brand new rod, with the same action – the one that you favour, that’s lighter and stronger in return for your old favourite!

No matter how good this new one is, would you be willing to part with your old one?

Yeah, I’m listening to your sales blurb and to be fair it looks nice, but mate, will the extra £200 catch me more fish?