If you’re local water has an abundance of weed beds you can enjoy fantastic sport with trout feeding on Corixa and Hog louse just now.

The trout, at this time of the year, tend to be looking up and patterns fished in or near the surface of the water are sure to score big time, so make sure that your flies are in this (top layer of water) the feeding zone.

Corixa and Hog louse make up a huge part of the trout’s diet now so by fishing two patterns, one in the surface film, a Flat Daddy or Foam Emerger and one a few inches below, trust us here, from 6 inches to a foot,a  nymph, like a Hare’s Ear or Nemo Cruncher, something that roughly resemble both of these food sources, makes sense, right. Anglers get hung up on specific imitations but for natural feeding fish you don’t need an exact copy. Try a rough looking Hare’s Ear type of fly a bushy or foam dry fly that sits flat, these will be more than adequate. In fact some would say that the trout prefer these styles to proper close copy, imitating patterns!


Yeah, looks like the real deal right enough but trout much prefer a Hare’s Ear!


This is more what the trout are after, they love a buggy, spikey Hare’s Ear Nymph


Ideal Set Up

Rod: 9ft 6in, 6-wt. You don’t need the heavy weight outfits that you’d normally use when throwing heavy lures on a fast sinking line; a more delicate approach is what you’re after.

More often than not the weed beds that you’re covering will be tight in to the margins so a lighter outfit will allow you to cover this water easily. The other benefit of the 6-wt rather than a 7 or 8-wt is that it will allow you to present your flies with a lot less disturbance, which is a big help when you’re targeting trout near the surface.

Reel: Something decent with a good drag, you may well need it.

Line: Floater, keep it simple!

Use fluorocarbon as it would be the best choice given its invisibility in water. Don’t go fishing with a fine tippet though, with two flies, when fishing over weed, you need to make sure your tippet is strong enough to bully fish in order to keep them in open water 8 to 10lb. Have 8ft to the dry, sussy, and then attach the nymph New Zealnd Style to the bend of the hook, don’t be tempted to fish too long bewteen the dry and point, the dry wil bring them in, so they need to see the nymph, also too long and you’ll get sangged up on weed all the time!

On the forward cast stop the line abruptly in order to make the flies hit the water hard, to make a noise, it often brings fish in. Then just keep everything tight, make sure you’re in control, the takes when the come to the buoyant fly, will be obvious and the takes to the nymph are often brutal, so leave a loop of line out the tip ring as a cushion!

Fishing can be so simple at times..


Fishing close in and over the weedebeds on Eyebrook Reservoir with a nymph suspended underneath a dry, simple yet effective fishing.


Happy Hunting!