The ultimate deep fishing line for bank or boat, with a true sink rate of 8-inches per second.

The Booby Basher was originally designed for long range bank fishing on concrete bowl type reservoirs – this line gets the distance and drops the flies quickly to depths of 30 feet or more. The 55ft head is 400 grains in weight and designed to be cut to length to suit the user.

The high vis, ultra-thin intermediate running line is ridged to reduce tangles – the total line length is 55yds – an essential line for any competitive fly fisherman.

Head Cutting Sheet:

#7 rod – 36’ to 40’

#8 rod – 40’ to 48’

#9 rod – 46’ to 55’

Boat anglers should shorten by 2’ to 4’ due to the reduced height above the water when casting.